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Author: Danilo (Danilo)
Sunday, December 25, 2011 - 4:55 am
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I have not heard of any other method to claim the reduction or elimination of radioactivity.
So, if I was living in Japan, I would try both of method. Simply borrow the Geiger counter and in the case of Agnihotra I would measured before and after procedure.

With Biodynamic, they say you must spray Barrel Compost once a month on the ground, also here I would measured at the beginning and then after one year (or each month).

If you don’t try you will never now. I would be interesting only if they work.

Here is link to the interesting 21 years long study

In regard to soil aggregate stability, soil pH, humus formation, soil calcium, microbial biomass, and faunal biomass (earthworms and arthropods), the biodynamic system was superior even to the organic system, which in turn had superior results over the conventional systems. With the significant increase in microbial diversity in the biodynamic and organic systems, there was a significant associated decrease in metabolic quotient, indicating a greater ability to use organic material for plant growth.”

My opinion is, that good rich soil is the key to have less radioactivity in the soil and consequently in food.
Good compost -> good soil -> good food

I found this blog, where author explain why there is no research about barrel compost.

“Biodynamic farms that used the Barrel Compost Preparation had no contamination. This was discovered when airplanes photographed the affected land and found intermittent dark spots showing no contamination. When a ground crew checked how that was possible, the land turned out to have been farmed with Barrel Compost Preparation. Unfortunately, I am told that the researcher involved believed he’d be ridiculed if he shared this information. Subsequently, the scientific research that was done on this disappeared.”

Google and you will find research about Agnihotra and Biodynamic, but unfortunately nothing about radioactivity. It remains only to try yourself.

Good luck in Japan

Author: Ecointerest (Ecointerest)
Saturday, December 24, 2011 - 2:44 am
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I am with you on this Salthearn. The mention of "...after they burned the required ingredients in the copper pyramid..." sends thoughts through my mind of mambo-jumbo witch-craft sort of beliefs. Respects to those who wish to believe such phenomena, but for me good, sound, scientific research is the way to go. The laws of physics as we know them today give clear understanding of how radioactive decay takes place.
I guess your statement, "More likely it seems to me is some effect inhibiting uptake or the like." would be closer to the truth, who knows?
So much early reporting of the Chernobyl disaster was an attempt to get sensational fodder for the world's press.
I was employed in medical radiography at the time, and some of the photographs supposedly depicting children deformed by the radiation fallout were apparently those of children deformed by Thalidomide. So I suggest we be very wary of accepting way-out claims.

Author: Sathearn (Sathearn)
Friday, December 23, 2011 - 8:43 pm
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Thanks for the information on biodynamic Barrel Compost and Agnihotra. It would be nice to see some independent evaluation of these claims, as hopeful and potentially important as they may be.

The articles raise a lot of questions. What is so special about that one compost recipe, giving rise to the effect? Are there substitute manures? Obviously, humanure-based compost will have some different properties, maybe not exactly the right ones, but unless BC really is the road to salvation, it seems to me the last thing Japan at its current level of unsustainability needs is more cattle. What is the scientific explanation for the effect, if real? And what actually _is_ the effect? The article on agnihotra seemed to suggest that the effect is the suppression of radioactive decay, but I find that implausible. More likely it seems to me is some effect inhibiting uptake or the like.

What documentation exists on those cases of farms in Austria, if more than one?

For there to be suppressed information, there needs to be information. Hence, without much more information, I'm skeptical of the charge of suppression. Perhaps an unjustified failure to investigate potentially important effects is a more realistic charge.

Thanks again for the information. Further leads are most welcome.

Author: Danilo (Danilo)
Thursday, December 22, 2011 - 2:31 pm
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AGNIHOTRA and Radioactivity

Here is second method. If you have a Geiger counter for measuring radioactivity, you can measure before and after the ceremony. Then you will see if there is difference.
It is interesting, that in both methods, the main component is cow dung.

The following is an excerpt from the book “Secrets of the Soil by Tompkins and Bird”, p. 251:

"From Europe we received reports of a group of scientists in Rovinj, Yugoslavia, experimenting to establish just what Agnihotra does, and how. Their interest had been aroused by the discovery that after they burned the required ingredients in the copper pyramid their instruments failed to pick up radioactivity in the immediate area, an anomaly since the Chernobyl disaster, which irradiated, along with large parts of Europe, even their small Adriatic seaport in the province of Croatia.

The Yugoslavs also learned that groups of subcontinent Indians living within the borderlands of the Soviet Union who used dried cow dung to seal their huts were unaffected by the radioactive contamination. Intrigued by these mysterious developments, the Soviets have invited one of the Yugoslav scientists, Mato Modric, a biochemist, to visit the Soviet Union to demonstrate the method of Agnihotra in the hope that it may be of value to its citizens.”

article and more about Agnihotra

Visual Guide to Performing Agnihotra

Agnihotra in Japan

Author: Danilo (Danilo)
Wednesday, December 21, 2011 - 2:05 pm
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Barrel Compost recipe of Maria Thun - Also known as cow pat pit, ccp, or manure concentrate

Radioactive Food? - Not with BIODYNAMICS!

One of the world's best kept secrets, or perhaps most suppressed, is that food grown biodynamically using one particular preparation results in crops free of radioactive contamination. That preparation is the BC-Biodynamic Compound preparation or as it is popularly known, the Barrel Compost recipe of Maria Thun. It has also been called Manure Concentrate, Fladenpreparate, and CPP or Cow Pat Preparation.

This preparation was in development by Maria Thun from 1958 to 1972. In1986, after the Chernobyl disaster, certain biodynamic farms using the BC did not show radioactivity readings although neighboring conventional farms as well as biodynamic farms not using the BC were showing radioactive contamination. This information was not recognized by the scientists conducting the tests, because, according to Maria Thun, "---they did not give any written confirmation of this to avoid the claim that a means against radioactivity exists."

Barrel compost activates the soil and soil organisms, encouraging better soil structure and quicker breakdown of inorganic and organic substances. It is used to spread the ‘compost’ influences especially when converting farms.


Biodynamic in US

Biodynamic in Japan

Author: Sathearn (Sathearn)
Saturday, December 17, 2011 - 5:14 pm
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My wife is very concerned about radioisotope contamination in Japan and in her native prefecture, Fukushima, where most of her close family members still live. We're wondering whether there is any new information regarding the case of the Austrian farmer who's crops were found to be uncontaminated with Cessium after Chernobyl, which Joe reported on in a section of the Handbook titled "Compost Miracles." (We haven't seen the third edition.) Has the publicity around the Handbook elicited any new information about other similar cases, or about ongoing research into to use of compost organisms for bioremediation of radioactive contamination?

It seems that in the case of the Austrian farmer, the role of the compost organisms was to prevent uptake by the crops rather than to eliminate the harmful substances from the soil itself. Of course, we would all like the soil of Fukushima to be returned to its pre-disaster state, but it seems to me that this second kind of preventive strategy (preventing uptake by crops) should be pursued as well (in addition to a third, that of preventing uptake or facilitating elimination by the human body). The Radiation Self-Defense website has been collecting information related to these topics, but I have not ever seen the second strategy, implicit in Joe's account of the Austrian farmer, explicitly mentioned in connection with the Fukushima Daiichi cleanup.

Here's one post-Fukushima article on bioremediation:

Of course, we're mindful of how useful it would be to make information on the subject of humanure more readily available in Japan, during a time when the stress on conservation has a new impetus in that country, and in which some concerned citizens are more actively questioning the industrial faith. Humanure seems relevant to several of Japan's crises of unsustainability. I've started to make transcripts of several of the videos which Joe has produced, hoping that my wife might eventually be able to make translations into Japanese, which could then be used to make Japanese subtitled versions of the clips. Would the folks who own those videos be agreeable to that?

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