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Country scale humanure
Does application of urine reduce soil carbon?
Paper: application of SSRIs to virgin soil
Paper: Mitigating pharmaceuticals in urine by land applic...
Any academic research on humanure?
Pharmaceutical Breakdown in Compost
Feedback needed for closed barrel composting idea
Compost analysis
BPA and BPS in Compost?
Using chemical toilet contents to compost
Veterinary barbituates after composting of dead horses
Urine-diverting Barrel-system with worms in a RV
Alternative to compost bins
Waste Collection
Humanure and keyhole gardens
Using mycelium to composte Humanure?
EPA: Control of Pathogens and Vector Attraction in Sewage...
Making humanure in a composter - would it work?
New Herbicide Threatens to Contaminate Compost
Vancomycin resistant enterococci (VRE) in Swedish sewage ...
Historical "Humanure" Techniques
Looking for analyze results
Could char unfinished compost?
Testing for E coli
ASCARIS - Field Testing in Haiti
Research grant opportunity
Urine and sawdust: how does it connect?
Fecal-borne diseases without obvious symptoms or transmis...
Other uses for humanure besides compost?
Urine Composting with Sugar
SSRI breakdown in Compost
USB thermometer in Compost bin
Humanure composting at a 100 site campground ?
E.coli & Humanure Compost
Wikipedia article needs work
Why you do it , and what you think about it: your opinion...
Using humanure compost for tree seedlings
Bulk Density (kg/cbm) of humanure
C. elegans as an E.Coli predator
Help get the meme out on Humanure
Recent Study of Bacterial Ecosystem in Human Feces.
Crude Oil from Pig (or Human?) Manure!
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