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Peacefilled Hundredwaters and thinking beyond sewage in the developing ...
Green toilet wins city approval - June 18, 2009
CBC interviews Roman paleopathologist
Coventry Telegraph - The Rise of Humanure
Durango Herald, July 22, 2015
Unusual location for a Humanure Loo
MOON Magazine, February 2, 2015: You Don't Know Shit
Brief mention in
9 things you may not have known about poop
Ant invasion
Could Pooping in a Box Save the Developing World?
Sanitary ware industry trends
Using Humanure in the Garden
Production of Green Products - Brilliant Attention
Tiny House
June 17, 2013 - ‘Humanure’ Businessman Makes History in ...
Look Like They Could Use Composting Toilets.
Larry the Cable Guy - Only in America, History Channel
Humanure on YouTube
Sustainable farmer uses ‘humanure’ in Phillippines - 5 pa...
DIRT MAGAZINE looking for humanure in Hudson Valley
Community Education
The Truth About Simple Unhooked Living
HIGH COUNTRY NEWS, April 10, 2012: Lighten up, take a loa...
Testing a barrel humanure compost system
Hines Farm Blog
Kathleen Meyer - How to Shit in the Woods - the Blog
Self-Sufficient Gardener Interview with Joseph Jenkins
Man goes green and off the grid in Corvallis By CHERYL ...
The Ecologist, August 11, 2011
Humanure vs. Commercial Compost Toilets
Living on Earth
Toward Net Zero Water
Looking for someone to interview in Oklahoma, March 2011
Could Pee power the future?
Dealing with Human Waste in the Future
Taking the Waste Out of Human Waste
Green but Still Feeling Guilty, NY Times, 9/29/10
Make Your Own Toilet and Human Fertilizer for Big Green S...
Living green: What worked for me - - 1/30/10
Creating a Composting Toilet for your Cabin or Camping
The Joy of Dirt - Ode Magazine - Larry Gallagher is a jou...
Monday, November 23, 2009 SARDONIC POSTER--HUMANURE EDITI...
Joe needed in Bangladesh
Owen Sound Sun Times - Family shrinking their earthly ...
VIDEO: Red State Update: The Country's in the Toilet--Lit...
Time Magazine - Monday, Dec. 14, 2009 - Humanure - By Ad...
My guide to making your fortune - Justin Rowlatt | 08:37...
The Friday debate: Faecal matters - UK Guardian, November...
The Straight Scoop on Our Poop - November 9, 2009
The Philosophical Basis Upon Which Humanure Began
Sh*t Happens - by Keith Farnish for Culture Change - 25 O...
Crap Caper: Chicago’s illegal cache of human waste is tom...
Sewage backups in heavy rain
Man promotes toilets, humanure, for a healthier Malawi
"30 Days" documentary show
Wastewater - Following the flow in Arizona
The Allure of 'Humanure' (August 29, 2009) - Halesowen Ne...
Humanure For the City Dweller
High time agriculture got back to its healthy roots (Iris...
Humanure: the end of sewage as we know it?
Manure: Safe, or Not? (May 8, 2009) NYTimes
The New Yorker, May 28, 2009 - Five Books to Make Your Ga...
Hard-Core Green - May 25, 2009
Humanure in Jamaica
Humanure on The Daily Show
Mill Hill allotment turns to "humanure"
GRIST: For some eco-pioneers, solving the sludge problem ...
This man has vowed not to spend any money for a whole yea...
Korean TV Documentary - Poop Will Save the World
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