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Haitian charity humanure tests ascaris-negarive
Compost Toilet Forums on the Web!
Add Graywater Directly to Compost?
The Perfect Bin Location
Keeping compost active in winter
Book Review on Veterans Today
Flushing the flush toilet
Reading old threads
Pile not Heating Up
Do drugs kill compost organisms?
Bacteriology - Fascinating Facts
Humanure Handbook Review / Holy Crap, I Love My Compost T...
Rotting my own sawdust
Salt in kitchen scraps and urine
Dog doo
Errata - fungi are not plants
Test Run of Humanure?
Concerns about using coffee grinds.
Will woodchips work?
Building a Compost Bin
Dog and Cat poo okay?
Cover materials?
Quantity of compost in a year
Living in campervan traveling across country for several ...
Other humanure composters in NE Ohio?
Sharing Information around
Couple of questions
Hookworms before the compost?
Composting thistles and tumbleweed
Handbook in spanish
Happy New Year to Joe, Family and everyone
Cooking for pathogen death
Must I use sawdust? Suppose I don't have/don't want a co...
Need help finding a gov't environmental official who is s...
Happy 30th Birthday!
Designing Composting Chambers in a New Home
Cautionary Tale
Cover Material--rotting sawdust
Cancer data
Leading folks in the right suggestion
Finished compost
Humanure and Biogas harvesting
Movable bin?
Question about using cover material
Using finished compost for food production
Pellets for your garden
Compost Pile close to garden
Buckets that don't stink
Coffee grounds and spent hops
Planter box graywater system
Alla yous are wayyy to concerned! Here's why:
Stuck with a Septic tank in Ontario!
What strategy would you recommend me in selling petroleum...
'Greens' and Bin Sizes
Is it compostable?
Bioplastic in compost pile
Pit Composting
Hormones and poisons in poop
Looking for someone who has a humanure or composting toil...
Large amts of waste
Strong smelling urine
Moving the pile
A humanure group on (come share your knowledge ...
Successful design in Indian Himalayas
Trees through a wood chipper
How do you unplumb the toilet?
Water and chlorine
New Mexico Composting Toliet Laws
Biodegradeable soap
Spam bombardment?
The look in peoples faces
Menstruation discharge acceptable?
Bradford Co. PA
New Farm compost article
Bradford Co. PA
Humanure compost and organic certification
Compost and bears
Humanure in tropical regions
Earthship solar toilet compost compatibility
Amazonian terra preta
The Time Value of Humanure Composting
Grey water and mosquitos
Metal bucket use/adolescent involvement in humanuring
Shortening composting time
Fly Control
Open greywater pond?
Gardening question
Compost Bin Location
Thank you
Automatic humanure transfer system
Outhouse without the 5 gallons bucket ?
Composting for those with intestinal disorders
Compost bin filling too fast!!!!!!
Composting pine needles????
Pile fills up too fast
Coping with sewage disaster - ie. Hurricane Katrina?
Wasps in compost?!?
Greenhouse gases from manure composting
Greywater for food production
Humanure humor
Min size for a compost bin
Addition for speeding up composting in toilet
Adding grease to mixture makes the compost pile really ho...
Department of public health:(...
Composting Vacuum Cleaner Bag Contents
Hebrew Edition
Spreading that word
Disseminating these ideas
Methow valley, eastern Washington, composting materials?
Great winter sawdust idea
Ascaris blues & pile debate
A few questions posed to the group
Sideline topic...
KOREAN translation of the Humanure Handbook
Average Urine and Feces Volumes/Mass
Compsting Arsonic
Septic tanks
Agriculture uses of humanure compost
Buckets - Where to get?
Conversation with a friend.
Humanure composting in an apartment complex?
Newspaper/cardboard in compost
Composting toilets in State/National Parks
Grass in compost
Maggots in the pile
Exposures, Paranoia in the City
Radio Interview
Composting and Well Water Question
Outhouses of america website
Buckets of pee
Flood plain compost bins?
Cool way to make a sawdust toilet
Humanure in Nepal
Smaller system
Humanure in Mexico
Why not combine septic+compost?
Any ideas on using water instead of toilet paper?
Anybody having trouble creating a new conversation?
Magots in sawdust toilet
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Ph levels
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