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Cold Climate (Zone 3) advice?
Winter Maintenence and Tips...
Methane, fires, and other safety issues
Humanure Saves Ottawa....
Need Grinder/Sifter to make cover material
New-no sawdust so what to use
Poor compost
Sawdust not decomposing
Compost Bin Starter
Start volume
First Compost Bin Materials
Car-Tire Compost bin for humanure
Rain Barrel
Flies in bucket toilet! HELP!
Lid or no lid for buckets?
Supercharging compost
Can I Use Plastic Compost Bin?
Distance of Humanure Compost from Water Body
Tips for Decorating Small Spaces
Warmer weather
Size matters
Composting pine chips
Finding sawdust
Feminine hygiene products
7 Years Perfect with Sawdust but Peat Moss FAILURE!
Vegan humanure
Weirdest Carbon
How much to pay for sawdust?
New compost pile
Master Composter Certification
Kitchen scraps
Also having issues with fresh douglas fir sawdust - resis...
Kitchen scraps
Vermicomposting effectiveness on human parasites?
Harvesting and Noticing Moisture and Compaction Issues
Rapid sanitizing of humanure?
Bears/ other Wildlife and Compost
Biobag in compost heap or trash afterwards?
Thermometer depth
Non-Toxic Stain/Protectant on Pallets for Compost Bin?
Consistent Failure at Thermophilic Composting :-(...
Plastic home depot compost bin
Why is the temperature of our compost bin staying around...
Has anyone run into legal trouble?
Anaerobic composting??
Biochar in compost bins?
Cover Material (Dirt?)
Chopped paper and enzymes
Critical mass
Fly control?
Transportation of compostables
Problem With Acidity
Frozen compost
Compost scale planning data
Thermophillic Bacteria, Composting Stages, and the Saniti...
Risk of attracting and breeding termites and other wood e...
Large Scale Composting Toilets
How big a bin?
Snakes in my hot humanure pile
Sawdust Usage
Composting Beer Byproducts
Hawaii please help
Uses of straw etc in pile?
Wheelie Bins in cool wet location (Seattle)
Kitchen scraps
New- various issues
Felinure- 3 year compost?
Yet another "can't get it too compost" thread
Greens and browns
Make your own saw dust? (during times of Disaster)
Chemo Drugs in Pile + Smoking Plants Grown in H
Antibiotics in Compost
Humanure Smiley emotion icon free for all
Combining old humanure piles
Raccoon trouble
Proximity of food plants to humanure compost pile
Obtaining 5-gallon buckets with covers
Building a composting toilet in a bus
No property to dump compost
Maggots in the bucket???
2 years and still no rotting
"Family Cloth"?
Compost Pile Too Hot?
Grade A Fertilizer
Urine specific issues
Composting old clothes?
Black Soldier Fly Larvae in compost bin
Composting in a 5 gallon pail
Use of dirt or wood ash to cover humanure in bucket/bin
Red wigglers in humanure compost piles
Little flies
Coconut fiber (coir)?
What if -- (solar, rv, etc.)
Implications of cultural variables on success.
White eggs and puffs in and around composting toilet. Help!
10 yrs old teak sawdust in compost
Cedar Sawdust?
Composting Dog Poop
Additional Safety Measures for Non Food crops
Pile not getting hot enough.
Okay if I keep the food scraps separate?
Composting our final human waste
Autumn Leaves
When to initiate first compost pile in coler climes?
Water in outhouse pit ?
Smelling compost loo
Humanure Composting on a Membrane Roof in the City?
Traveling Compost!
Humanure networking
Occasional use of Loveable Loo & composting
Sun Mar Overflow
Using the finished compost...
Clay soil and wet climate
Adding pathogen free waste during final year
New pile, mass vs heat
Heap created over old stair case
Compost Bin - Is Pressure Treated OK?
Expanding your thinking, and your compost bins
Doing == Learning
Stone wall compost bin possible?
How much compost on a bed
How do you tell if your moisture level is adequate?
Is "coarse sawdust" suitable?
Compost bin placement
Alternatives to Sawdust for us City folk!
Need a quick answer: Thermophilic composting without poop?
Washing the bucket in the winter
Greywater ==> Potable Water
How much for sawdust in New England???
Humanure convert needs help...buckets stink, compost bin ...
Humanure Composting using multiple 55 gallon barrels
Does the compost bin or aging site need direct sunlight?
Composting in a flood plain?
Some General Startup Questions
How you manage food wastes from the kitchen and garden re...
Anthill turns into compost pile
Biochar and leachate and Terra Preta
Bears and Compost Tumblers?
How many here are composting humanure in tumblers? Questi...
Cat poop
Extra heating of compost?
Would you do this? from a book...
Maggots in my pile
Garbage can in outhouse what to do???
Need Experienced Humanure Composters' Feedback
How well are your humanure gardens doing? Pics!
Maggots in my pile
Lemons and Coconuts... Oh My!
Why don't boaters embrace composting?
Composting in winter- how many bins?
A compost pile made for two....
Help! ecoli concern
Garbage can composting disaster
Composting On Rental Property
2 year old piles not what I expected...
Urine separation
How many compost piles?
Old carpet
Use of Urnie to Moisten Complete First Batch
Composting on a small sailboat
Peat Moss
Compostin in the buckets
Toilet Paper
Can you use Pressure Treated wood to build the Humanure H...
Managing the Composting Bin & Buckets
Compost in garage?
Would this be an acceptable compost bin for 1 person?
Shorten the composting time using machinery, is it possib...
Dealing with too much carbon
"solar" sawdust toilet
How much water is too much?
Just Started Our Humanure Compost Today
Wire bins and experiments in planting into bins
Sandy soil over large aquifer
Mobile Compost Toilet -- for the RV
Would this work as a cover material?
Crappy Poetry!
Cold pile :-(...
Effectiveness under unusual conditions
150 degrees!
Building compost bins....sun or shade?
Urine only composting
How much humanure?
Our humanure caught FIRE!!!
Pathogen uptake in plant tissue - latest information
Composting on a paved courtyard with no soil base (plus t...
"Luggable loo"
Will the compost pile smell like poop ?
The role(s) of cover material
Composting in the 5-gallon bucket ? Will it work.
Dry high composting
Ants in cover material
Large straw bales for composting bunkers
Excess liquid, possible leaching issues/questions
Cat pooping in vegetable garden beds
Peat Moss
Do I have to add dirt to make it work?
I spend alot of money on good food and....
Meet Tommy!
Growing mushrooms on humanure compost
Humanure / sawdust ratio
Grey Water in cold climate
Eat Veggies from "Fresh" Compost Pile?
Sawdust toilet on a sailboat
Humanure and coffee grounds for composting?
Hay and straw in pile?
Do I need to stir the compost pile?
Probably moving in a year
Shredded paper/cardboard as cover inside?
What about wood ashes?
Compost causing miscarriage??
Earth worms
3 Cats - How Manure? - outdoor / indoor ?
Using junk mail in composter
Winter home in the desert
Feedback needed on an idea for cold-climate humanure comp...
Seeds in compost pile
How often bucket needs replaced
Treebog or general compost and how Do I keep it alive?
Finished compost
Moving the aging pile back to the garden
Compost bin side construction question
Ideas on Baby Poop
Help! PT sawdust in bin
Data from pages 34-35 of handbook
Edges of Compost Pile
Alfalfa as a composting medium
Carrot Pulp
PT wood in bin construction?
Cockroaches in compost, ack!
Camp composter
Contamination of compost pile from leaching
Weekend use
Time for new pile?
How long before a new pile warms?
One seat or two?
Oregon sawmills for sawdust?
Bugs in cover material
Hair and PET plastic bottles
Codes & Self-Built Composters
Waxed milk cartons, microwave popcorn bags, et cetera
Watering Compost in Dry Climates
Chipped Trees from Tree Service for Compost Pile?
Church of the Humanure
Organic farming and humanure
Compost not hot enough
Watch out for contaminated compost ingredients!!
Municipal composting examples
Compost use on food
Cloth diapers
Disinfectant for Handwash
50 people walking 275 miles over 28 days... where to poop?
Critters in Compost
Concerned with leaching
Moving compost piles
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